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Cardboard House Press is a 501c3 nonprofit organization devoted to the creation of spaces and media for cultural, artistic, and literary development through the publication and circulation of writing, art, and contemporary thought from Latin America and Spain and through bilingual events, community projects and workshops. Our work serves as a platform to exchange ideas and highlight meanings that stimulate diverse human connections and social actions.

All of our publications are bilingual - English and Spanish. To date we have published authors from Argentina, Colombia, Cuba, Chile, Spain, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico and Uruguay. We are based in Phoenix, Arizona.

Book Art WorkshopsSome of our publications are made by hand in community-based workshops. These workshops not only expand the audience for the books we publish, but they also provide a hands-on experience with the work in which individuals participate in production and develop connections to the work. Workshop participants learn to hand sew pages to bind them, marble paint end papers, and create book covers from recycled cardboard. We are proud to be part of the Latin America cartonera movement and to be one of few cartonera projects in the US.

Why Cardboard House Press? The Cardboard House is the first book by Peruvian writer Martín Adán, published in 1928, and it is considered a precursor to the Latin American literary boom. The work covers part of Adán’s life through a critical and ironic look at his surroundings in Lima at the beginning of the 20th Century. The Cardboard House is a small masterpiece that goes beyond literary genres and renews the narrative aesthetic in the avant-garde era.

Our publishing project takes the name of this book as homage to one of the most important literary figures of the 20th Century, and we employ the title’s meaning of breaking the mold and giving literature a new dimension.

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Cardboard House Press appreciates the past and present support of the following organizations:

National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures ︎ Arizona Commission on the Arts ︎ Andrew W. Mellon Foundation  ︎ Ford Foundation ︎ Southwest Airlines ︎ Surdna Foundation ︎ Arizona Humanities ︎ City of Bloomington Arts Commission ︎ Witter Bynner Foundation for Poetry ︎ Marin Community Foundation