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by Magdalena Chocano

Translated from the Spanish by Larisa
Chaddick and William Rowe

Poetry. 80 pages
ISBN 9780990660163
Bilingual edition

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Art Book
$ 17.99

Art book, hand-crafted edition with cardboard hardcover. Hand-sewn binding with full color dust jacket. Each copy is a unique, limited edition.

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With Poems Read in London, Magdalena Chocano delivers a new collection of searing poetic illuminations. Destroying ‘with pleasure that which clouds us,’ her poems are the scrutinous paths of skepticism, engaging paradox so as to expose the irony of power. Her work is as mystical as it is questioning, collecting and redefining the objects of experience that one might see past ‘the fraudulent screen’ and grasp, if only briefly, ‘that self | remote sphere | claimed by no one.’ Poems Read in London traverses landscapes cool and luminous, tangible and abstract, exploring with fearlessness the ‘supreme nonexistence of light.’

Magdalena Chocano, one of the most innovative voices in contemporary Peruvian literature, has published Poesía a ciencia incierta (Lima, 1983), Estratagema en claroscuro (Lima, 1987), contra el ensimismamiento (Barcelona, 2005), otro desenlace (Barcelona, 2008) and poems in several journals and anthologies.

Larisa Chaddick (Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1967-London, 2006) translated works of fiction and poetry by Spanish American writers such as Blanca Varela, Antonia Palacios, José Bravo de Rueda and Mario Vargas Llosa. She also taught Latin American dance and was assistant editor of Salsa News International Magazine. A testimony of her work and life can be found at http://www.danceclass.com/about-us-larisa.html.

William Rowe, poet, translator and essay writer, is author of Poets of Contemporary Latin America: History and the Inner Life (OUP, 2000), and Three Lyric Poets: Lee Harwood, Barry MacSweeney and Chris Torrance (Northcote House, 2009). His poetry books include The earth has been destroyed (Veer, 2009), Nation (Klinamen, 2012), and Incisions (Iodine, 2014). His translations include Trilce by César Vallejo, INRI by Raúl Zurita, and At Night the Cats by Antonio Cisneros.