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by Victoria Guerrero Peirano

Translated from the Spanish by Anna Rosenwong
-drone- series

Poetry. Chapbook
ISBN 978-1-945720-00-0
Bilingual Edition


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Victoria Guerrero Peirano is a poet, teacher, and researcher. Her novella Un golpe de dados (novelita sentimental pequeño burguesa) was published in Cusco (2015) and in Tijuana (2014). With the Chilean poet, Raúl Zurita, she published Zurita + Guerrero (Guayaquil, 2014). The compilation of her poetry Documentos de Barbarie (2002-2012) appeared in Lima (2013) and includes her books El mar ese oscuro porvernir, Ya nadie incendia el mundo, Berlin, and Cuadernos de quimioterapia. Her poems have appeared in various national and international magazines and anthologies and have been translated into German, English, French, Portuguese, and Finnish. She has been invited to the World Village Festival in Helsinki, the Bogota Book Fair, the Parnassus Festival in London and Berlin’s Latinale. She holds a PhD in Literature from Boston University and a Diploma in Gender Studies. She is a professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú in Lima, and cares for her cat.

Anna Rosenwong is a translator, book editor, poet, and educator, as well as the translation editor of Drunken Boat. Her publications include Rocío Cerón’s Diorama (winner of the 2015 Best Translated Book Award), José Eugenio Sánchez’s Suite Prelude a/H1N1, Climax with Double Cheese, and the forthcoming Here the Sun’s For Real, as well as an original book of poetry, By Way of Explanation. Her literary and scholarly work has been featured in World Literature Today, The Kenyon Review, Translation Studies, The St Petersburg Review, Pool, and elsewhere. Read some at www.annarosenwong.com.