Help Cardboard House Press to publish several books in 2015!

In a nutshell:


Welcome to the Cardboard House Press 2015 fundraising campaign. We are a bilingual publishing house dedicated to increasing access to world literature and art for English and Spanish readers. Cardboard House Press edits and prints traditional books, as well as a series of limited-edition, hand-made books. We also seek to promote bilingual community development processes in Indiana, Arizona, Nevada, Ohio, and other places where our editors operate from.

In 2014 (our first year), we edited, produced, and printed two books: Asymmetries, a bilingual anthology of Peruvian poetry, as well as Heroin and Other Poems, a bilingual book of poetry by the Spanish poet Leopoldo María Panero. (See our web page at

We would like to use the money from this campaign to fund the publication of 3 books in 2015. Please help us raise funds for publishing these books. Your money will be used to pay for printing costs for traditional books, as well as materials and cover design and printing for our handmade bookmaking workshops. We will reward you with a book for every 25 dollars you donate. At this point, we are still selecting and editing books for our 2015 season, but these books will include short stories by a well-known Peruvian author and poetry from authors from Mexico and Ecuador.

We are in the process of obtaining not-for-profit status, but this will probably take a year or so. In the meantime, we need your support more than ever! There is no minimum donation; any amount helps. Sharing of this campaign via the following link is also very much appreciated!

Sincerely yours,

Cristian Medina, Giancarlo Huapaya, Maggie Messerschmidt, Cristian Olivares, and Gabriel Urza.

Editors of Cardboard House Press

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